According to the data on the chain, the assets with a total lock up value of US $75 million in kavacdp and hard protocol have reached a recorNetEased high.

Debank data shows that the total lock up volume of defi has reached a record high of US $10.7 billion. Among them, uniswapuniswap, a simple token free exchange protocol, known as shapeshift or Bancor, has been launched on the main network. Writing with Vyper, gas consumption is extremely low. Uniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuni see more lock UPS today, up 51%, to $1.4 billion, second place.

MESARI data shows that uniswapuniswapuniswap, a simple token free exchange protocol called shapeshift or Bancor, has been launched on the main network. Writing with Vyper, gas consumption is extremely low. Uniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuni viewing more websites increased from about 90000 in June to about 1420000 in July, an increase of about 15 times over the same period of last year. At the same time, the liquidity and trading volume of uniswap have increased significantly. At present, the total liquidity of uniswap V2 and V1 exceeds US $200 million, and the transaction volume exceeds US $67 million.

The parameters that the committee members can influence and the conditions or scope within which the committee can modify the parameters. The committee can determine any number of parameters of kava governance control, including debt to collateral ratio, interest rate, savings rate, deposit rate, debt limit, etc. Kava will establish the kava stability Committee as the first committee to maintain the key parameters of CDP and ensure the stability of USDX. The committee will initially be made up of five key members of the kava ecosystem and will adjust the needs of kava holders over time. The kava committee will use three criteria to select committee candidates, namely, holding a large number of kava tokens, understanding the structure of kava, financial markets and incentives, and past participation and responsiveness to projects.

The annual grant budget will be raised to $150000 a month. In addition, andrecronje is a member of the Council and will help review funding applications.

Verify that IrisNet is unique and can support the innovative function of defi, test the new version cosmoscosmos, solve the interoperability and scalability problems of blockchain, and improve the transaction speed. To some extent, it NetEasebecomes the Internet on the blockchain. Cosmos, known as "the Internet of blockchain", is also considered as the version 3.0 of blockchain. It aims to solve the problems of blockchain interoperability and scalability. Its communication protocol between blockchains can realize the interconnection of blockchains and support the asset transfer between different blockchains. Cosmos believes that the world can not be dominated by one blockchain. It must be a world in which multiple chains coexist and multiple currencies coexist. How to integrate Multi Chain and multi currency into an ecosystem is cosmos's ultimate ideal. It believes that money and chains should be separated. The core technology of cosmos, tenermint, enables token to be transferred across block chains. It is an early POS consensus engine based on Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol in blockchain field. So it emphasizes consistency rather than usability, and it doesn't allow for short-term forking. Cosmoscosmoscosmoscosmoscosmos view more SDK integration, and verify the effect of multi hub cooperation based on IBC protocol test. Bifrost test network is a test network launched by IrisNet to support cosmos cross chain vision and IBC and other difi support functions. Bifrost test network plans to run with Stargate one week after the launch of Stargate test network, that is, on September 2. It will mainly test IrisNet's new functions supporting defi and cosmos SDK.

Augur announced that it would stop the augurv1 version of market forecast on September 15, and said its token rep holders would not be directly affected by this, but traders, order creators and participants on the platform may face the risk of reporting errors or forks after the stop date. In the middle of last month, August released the upgraded version of augurv2, introduced the stable currency Dai, hoping to eliminate the volatility risk caused by eth only pricing, and corrected the errors and loopholes in the old version, so that malicious users would not be able to profit from the invalid market. Augurv2 upgrades erc20 standard token to erc777, so developers will be able to introduce the "tokens received" recall function. #DeFiwithChainNews#

Transaction protocol x announced the launch of a solution called "coordinator coordinator", the first financial (defi) liquidity solution to match the optimal price. The coordinator combines the best features of order matching and open order relay model. Market makers can perform free immediate order cancellations, and users / developers can support independent Ethereum applications with contract fillable liquidity (CFL). At present, the first coordinator prototype has been deployed on bamboorelay to implement a proof of concept product, allowing the best prices of Dai and wbtc to be found in all exchanges. As a service, the coordinator executes transaction rules for a specific flow pool of 0x, which can be operated as an independent service or bundled with a repeater. In the future, the scheme will also support more functions, including the ability to prevent transaction conflicts and advance trading, as well as the realization of a network where coordinators can reach consensus on the order of transactions. #DeFiwithChainNews#