Precious metals business

Precious metals business

TimIacono said that in addition, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke plans to speak at the annual meeting of Fed officials in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 31. From the time point of view, it will fit betPrecious metals businesster with the gold price graph.

Practitioners in the recycled gold industry are faced with a complex situation where opportunities and challenges are intertwined. The main challenge is overcapacity, especially in the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment-in the past ten years, the global production capacity for recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment has nearly doubled. If a company wants to succeed, it must rethink its own competitive strategy and operating model, including through mergers and acquisitions to make full use of the scale effect, improve operational performance, and improve reputation among customers.

With the relaxation of strict restrictions and the reopening of businesses, the economy is recovering, but uncertainty remains high and confidence remains fragile. Among the countries that make monthly economic estimates of economic activity, more than half of the output decline from January to April has been restored in July, but there are significant differences between countries and sectors. The rebound in demand has helped commodity prices strengthen and improved risk appetite in financial markets. OECD said.

From a technical point of view, gold is intensively above the moving average of 1380 US dollars, and the lower 1360 US dollars has supported the gold price twice. Gold may face a direction choice in the near future. Tonight, the United States will announce the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits last week, which may become the fuse for gold prices tonight. Investors are advised to wait for the release of US data in the evening to do operations. On the whole, gold is still in the short market. Although the bulls are fighting hard, they have not changed the downward trend of gold. Therefore, high shorts should still be the main direction. If the price of gold can fall below the rising trend line and $1,358, gold will once again enter the lower triangle previously analyzed, and may move towards 1310., January 29th-The market originally expected that the Fed would make clear statements on some of the focus issues, but it backfired. The Fed took over Chairman Yellen’s Tai Chi skills and its resolution statement was well-worded, which also kept the market in In confusion. However, the resolution statement still has many bright spots, and its expectations of deflation and the expression of interest rate hikes will still be fully chewed by the market.

Except that gold jewelry is not an investment, gold bars, gold coins, paper gold, gold stocks, gold futures and gold funds are all gold investments. Generally speaking, gold coins have the most premium. Although the appreciation space may be relatively large, they are too professional and difficult to realize. Therefore, ordinary citizens generally should not choose gold coins as investment products; gold stocks are derivatives of gold investment, except for the price of gold itself In addition to the ups and downs, the performance of the business also plays a considerable role; gold futures are leveraged trading, which magnifies the rise and fall of the price of gold by 10 times. If you misunderstPrecious metals businessand, investors may suffer a tragedy of losing their money.