Precious metals and diamonds

Precious metals and diamonds

Although underpinned by the Fed's easing policy and the European debt crisis has eased, the performance of gold and silver has surprised the market. In recent days, global precious metals have suffered a severe setback, with silver futures falling more than 7% last week. Experts said that the strong performance of US economic data and the high fever in fiscal negotiations are all Precious metals and diamondsfactors that drag down precious metal prices. As for the market outlook, the market's views are divided.

My God, how could I seize the opportunity in 30 minutes! At that time I might be at work or drinking afternoon tea. Some people may complain like this. Don't forget, Dhabalia is the head of trading. We must look farther. In fact, from many angles, this round of plunge and the wave of 2008 have many similarities.

On the same day, the price of silver futures for delivery in December rose 97.6 cents to close at $41.193 per ounce, an increase of 2.4%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in October rose by $4.1 per ounce to close at $1813.5, an increase of 0.2%.

Investment gold bars of different specifications, such as 100g, can be repurchased. In addition to repurchasing gold bars, CCB has also launched a variety of products that meet the needs of investment collection gifts, such as wealth with more than money and dragon and phoenix gold bricks. In addition, there are also gold ingots, products printed with a variety of Year of the Rabbit.

On the same day, the price of silver futures for delivery in March 2013 fell 95.1 cents to close at $32.808 per ounce, a decrease of 2.82%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in January 2013 fell by US$30.9 to close at US$1582.9 per ounce, a decrease of 1.91%.

With the sharp fall of the US dollar on Monday, the price of gold rebounded strongly, and the commodity and capital markets also rose sharply. Has the phased downturn in the gold and risk markets come to an end? I think it is too early to make such a conclusion. The price of gold generally remained within the range of US$1600 to US$1700 we gave earlier, which is a weak rebound after a dip near US$1532. Although we believe that in the medium term, the trend of the dollar may not have a strong impact on the operation of gold prices. But in the short term, the negative correlation between the US dollar and gold and the risk market is obvious, that is, if the US dollar rises, the gold market and the risk market will be suppressed. As the dollar falls, the gold market and risk market will strengthen. Is the sharp fall of the US dollar on Monday the beginning of a new round of decline after a period of weak rebound, or a further upward relay callback? The author believes that the recent fall in the U.S. dollar is a relay adjustment for a further upward swing. The U.S. dollar will have an accelerated upward pattern in the periodical outlook. We believe that the most conservative target should be above 88 points, that is, slightly above the current 77 points where the U.S. dollar is currently located. In terms of location, there is still a lot of upside. If this is the case, tPrecious metals and diamondshe risk market will inevitably be further suppressed, and the gold market should at least be suppressed accordingly. Therefore, regarding the recent rebound in gold prices and the risk market, I think it may be more appropriate to treat it as a rebound.

RJOBrienandrjomrt technical research director DaveToth pointed out that for two reasons, whether the support level near $1700 can be held is critical. First, if it falls below, it means that the gold market will usher in a more substantial adjustment, and the market will look back at the starting point of this round of gains, namely, 1478 US dollars (international spot gold) and 1481 US dollars (Comex main period) in early July. gold).

On July 1, the first gold vending machine appeared in London, England. A spokesperson for ExOrienteLux, which owns the vending machine, said that the gold vending machine will connect to the Internet every 10 minutes, and the sales price will be adjusted and updated in a timely manner in accordance with price fluctuations in the gold market.

Commerzbank (Commerzbank) reported on Tuesday (January 27) that short-term gold prices may revise downwards before gold prices record greater increases, but the decline will stop at 1267-1255 US dollars. Although gold prices are expected to be flat in the short term, they are still bullish in the medium term. However, the aforementioned strategist at iiTrader also added that some people believe that the Fed will not raise interest rates until the fourth quarter. Because the Fed will raise interest rates in the next 9-14 months, the specific time is not too important to gold traders. The fact that interest rates are about to rise makes any rise in gold unsustainable.