Golden Precious Metals Co., Ltd.

Golden Precious Metals Co., Ltd.

In addition, undiscounted bank acceptance bills increased by 193Golden Precious Metals Co., Ltd..3 billion yuan year-on-year, and RMB loans to entities increased by 158 billion yuan year-on-year.


The 2nd anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of "70 articles of Sichuan and Taiwan": steady growth of economic and trade cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan.

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Among them, the prices of urban and rural areas rose by% and% respectively; the prices of food and non food increased by%, respectively; the prices of consumer goods and services rose by%.

Ferrous metal futures, such as rebar, hot rolled coil and wire rod, have further optimized the price formation mechanism of steel products and helped the healthy and orderly development Golden Precious Metals Co., Ltd.of China's iron and steel industry,

As of August 30, the 10-year Treasury bond spread between China and the United States was as high as 233 basis points.

Before the end of midday trading, gold investors need to understand the prediction of important data and do a good job of opening or closing positions to lay a good foundation for night trading.