Understanding the precious metal market and coinage

Understanding the precious metal market and coinage

Picklefinance, a defi liquidity mining project, has adopted the pip-17 proposal to adjust the reward proportion. Among them, the reward proportion of pick-ethlp will be reduced from 70% to 65%, that of prenbtccrv will be increased from 5% to 8%, and that of pdai will be increased from 4% to 6%. It was reported that the payment of pickle-8 in the contract pool was wrong, which led to the relocation of picker machine chain. Picklejar has then restarted andUnderstanding the precious metal market and coinage unlocked the user's mining funds.

According to fxstreet, the community accused Daniel wood, an anonymous developer of the Tron blockchain based defi project and the rightswap whitelist project sharktron, for running away. Although the specific loss is not known, Twitter users reported that 366 million to 400 million TRX (worth about $10 million) were lost. Wave field foundation official push confirmed that it has contacted currency security to jointly track down the stolen funds and related personnel, and some funds have been frozen by currency security. The wave field foundation will also work with other exchanges to track stolen funds. In addition, the wave field foundation advised victims to submit reports to the local police. According to Lianwen, sun Yuchen included sharktron in the white list of justswap released on October 8.

Coinbase is the first project to obtain venture capital from coinbase. It is also a part of the efforts of coinbase to promote blockchain innovation. Compound provides interest on encrypted assets placed on exchanges and wallets. The interest rate of each asset is adjusted dynamically according to the borrowing demand of the asset. Compound wants to attract hedge funds, experienced investors and borrowers. In fact, it's not surprising that compound has the support of coinbase, because its technology is in line with the idea that coinbase is revolutionizing traditional finance. Compoundcomp see that more communities have voted on the No. 003 governance proposal of "reducing the single mortgage Sai in the compound agreement",

Market forecasting platform guess publishes the open source node of forecast platform August, through which users can create forecast market projects. Guess said that this node can be used to create transaction indicator boards, robots, order logs, scoreboards and other tools to track the forecast market data such as analysis, new market and report cycle, as well as real-time odds, liquidity warning and market return calculation as price tracker. In April this year, Lianwen once reported that guess was financed by US $1.1 million and invested by version one and others. #DeFiwithChainNews#

Coinbase custody, a trustee of the cryptocurrency exchange coinbase, has added a new revenue aggregation agreement on defi yearn.finance Escrow support for token yfi and looping token lrc.

Bifrost (BNC) will launch Ethereum 2.0 derivative, Veth, which will be launched in four stages, and will eventually exist as erc20 and substratebase dual protocol assets, which can be circulated in Ethereum and Polkadot networks at the same time. With the release of the Vth,Understanding the precious metal market and coinage Bifrost launched the mintdrop (coin airdrop) plan for Vth simultaneously. Users can obtain the original BNC of Bifrost by casting the Vth. The mintdrop (coin airdrop) for the Vth will last for 32 days, releasing 100000 BNCS in total. According to Bifrost, the vath coin portal will be officially opened on November 27, and the vthmintdrop will also be launched. At present, the relevant smart contracts are being audited by certik.

Metacartel ventures, an autonomous investment institution, announced that it would invest in metacoin (reflex labs), a stable currency scheme with minimum governance, as its first investment, and the specific amount was not disclosed. Metacartel ventures said they believed that defi needed a stable currency with flexibility, security and minimal governance, and metacoin's reflex bonds was the first step towards that vision. As previously reported by Lianwen, Ameen soleimani published a stable currency scheme with minimum governance named metacoin, and the full details of the scheme were published in the Ethereum Research Forum. Soleimani believes that the current makerdao system is too complex and may lead to a single point of failure.