Ohio Precious Metals

Ohio Precious Metals

Swiptuna, a smart chain based defo project, announced its launch. The project includes two parts: liquOhio Precious Metalsidity mining, tunafarm and swap. Like other sushiswap products, tunaswap adopts the AMM model. Liquidity providers can pledge part of LP tokens and start to earn tuna tokens at block height 447500 (0:30, September 13). Its token allocation mechanism is the same as sushi, offering 10 times reward to the first 200000 blocks, and each block will release 1000 tuna.

And stani kulechov, founder of AAVE, Jordan momtazi, founder of synthetix, and Trevor koverko, founder of polymath. Headquartered in Amsterdam, opium protocol was founded by chief executive Andrey belyakov, a Registered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a former derivatives trader. Opium said it was working on a breakthrough CDs (credit default swap) concept after launching several financial products such as comp pre market futures and gas options.

Andrecronje, founder of Finance (yfi), and hegic hegic hegic are the on chain option trading agreement of Ethereum. Under any market conditions, the non escrow hedging contract is used to protect eth assets from losses and losses. It can protect assets from shrinking. It is a non custodial, trust free and anti censorship system with settlement function on the chain. More anonymous founder Molly wintermute co founded the $3 million "M & a" fund funded by the hegic development fund to invest in the core developers and code of the Defa project. Molly wintermute says developers who want to make an investment need only show them code, not promotional materials. "M & a" tweets that the fund only invests in defi agreements or projects and does not need any investment from other funds.

Uniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuni view more bithumbithumbithumbrok's largest bitcoin trading platform. Its trading scale often ranks No.1 or 2 in South Korea, and once ranked among the top five in the world. Bithum integrates sharing, settlement and product marketing on social media through the launch of snspay, a P2P social media payment platform. It allows its customers to purchase products directly on blogs and social media sites without having to jump to other e-commerce platforms, further promoting the practical application of cryptocurrency transactions. Bithumbbithumbithumbithumbithumbithumbithumb see more global and Hoo exchanges. Bithum global will be fully charged at 9:00 on August 18 and the OM / usdt trading pair will be opened at 10:15. Hufu will start withdrawing money at 17:00 on August 17, and the online trading on OM / usdt and OM / BTC will be launched at 17:00 on August 18. Chain news note: mantradao is a new financial concept based on community autonomy (DAO) and focusing on cross chain asset allocation, pledge and lending, to create an easy-to-use and safe difi product. Mantradao breaks through the blockchain system of traditional finance and links it with OM token, returning financial control to users, providing economic incentives, governance voting and other rights and interests for users.

Allison Lu, co-founder of UMA, tweeted the feedback from the community, saying that most community members prefer the "slow first, fast" distribution mode, or use the S-curve to flexibly fine tune and then make a large number of token distribution; on the basis of distribution, more people choose to allocate rewards based on target actions rather than personal data. In terms of mechanism selection, a few people hope to carry out targeted airdrop, while others think that airdrop mode is harmful. In addition, there are disputes over whether to choose the mechanism based on mining or airdrop,

The DMM pays interest through the ecosystem. As previously reported by Lianwen, defimoney market (DOhio Precious MetalsMM) announced its cooperation with chainlink in March this year to build a money market based on Ethereum blockchain using Oracle as the core technology.

The market tool coinmarketcap officially launched the cryptocurrency lending rate comparison tool, which aggregates the lending interest rates of cryptocurrency in multiple platforms. Users can compare the data and select the appropriate platform. The first batch of supported currencies covers 33, and data on lending rates come from wallets, exchanges or financial platforms. "We want to create a one-stop portal for users to find out where to use cryptocurrency for saving, earning, borrowing and margin trading," said carylne Chan, Chief Strategic Officer of coinmarketcap. It is worth noting that coinmarketcap collects the lending data of the defi platform in this product, including dydx and compound. Currently, the exchanges supported are coin security and bitfinex.

Users can connect metamask, trustwallet and walletconnect wallet on stkr website to pledge eth. It integrates pledge and defi, including traditional pledge and unmanaged pledge, governance and other elements. The protocol uses ankr as the node hosting pledge, simplifies the form of participation, and opens the pledge to all without relying on any centralization. Stkr to see more websites and the first version of the deposit contract on the main website. Users can connect metamask, trustwallet and walletconnect wallet to pledge eth on stkr website. However, at present, users cannot get pledge reward. Ankr said it would not immediately send eth to the 2.0 deposit contract, but would keep it on its smart contract for a week, during which it would continue to test and complete the external audit of the smart contract, which is expected to be completed by November 20. Ankr will officially send eth from stkr contract to Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract on November 16. In addition, the start-up date of stkr complete main network will depend on the development progress of Ethereum 2.0. Lianwen noted that in August this year, ankr launched the pledge agreement stkr, which integrates pledge and defi, including traditional pledge and unmanaged pledge, governance and other elements. The protocol uses ankr as the node hosting pledge, simplifies the form of participation, and opens the pledge to all without relying on any centralization. It is worth noting that stkr is not a new token. And based on ankr 100% token.