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Some of the finest cajun  cuisine from either side of the Sabine River can be found at Al-T's  Seafood and Steak Restaurant in Winnie, Texas. International visitors  from around the globe will make a trek to Winnie just to enjoy Al-T's  seafood gumbo or their house specialty, Al-T's Seafood Platter. Locals  have stood in line to wait for their top request, Chicken Fried Steak —  It's roughly the size of Texas!

Take a mouth-watering look  at some of what we have to offer. This is just a sampling of some of our  most-requested fare. Combine this outstanding food with top-notch  hometown service, and you get a fantastic dining experience. Come see  us!


From  bacon-wrapped shrimp and
oysters to fried alligator and our
famous  boudain balls, we've
got the perfect starter to a great
meal or enjoy it in our bar
with a late afternoon cocktail.

Al-T's Dirty Herbie

An Al-T's  original, it's our
very popular crawfish etoufee,
made even better!

Chicken Fried Steak

Miles and  miles have been driven

for our southern fare-turned
masterpiece! It is tasty and
tender and the great batter has
steak all the way to the edges!
Sink your teeth in and you
won't be hungry for a week.

Al-T's Club  Sandwich
and Onion Rings

We'd brag  on our onion rings,
but that's just not our style.
So, we'll let you do it! They go
perfectly with our stackable
BLT Club Sandwich.
It's a perfect lunch with
that southern touch.

Ribeye Steak
and baked potato

Nothing  says Texas like a grilled

ribeye steak and baked potato.
Our wonderful cooks will prepare
it just  as you like it and you
will like it!
We'll load up a baked potato and
you can enjoy supper like
real Texans do!

Al-T's Seafood  Platter

When  you're at Al-T's, you're
less than 20 miles
from the Gulf Coast. It's the
 perfect place to enjoy fresh
seafood.  You'll enjoy fish, crab,
 shrimp, and even froglegs, along
with red beans  and sausage,
crawfish etouffe, and
a side of jumbalaya. Hungry?
You'd better be!

Al-T's Seafood

MMmmmm....  the standard
bearer of Cajun cuisine — gumbo!

We make traditional Cajun
seafood gumbo. Enjoy it in a
small bowl as an appetizer,
or sit down to a big bowl with
a stack of saltine crackers.
Either way, you'll be glad you did!


Al-T's Seafood & Steakhouse
Just off Interstate 10 • Winnie, Texas, USA
P.O. Box 1458 • Winnie, TX  77665-1458
(409) 296-9818
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